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Embark on a clandestine journey as a Senior DevOps Infrastructure Automation Engineer with our esteemed Private Cloud league. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, involves the covert crafting, implementation, and guardianship of our private cloud infrastructure automation. Navigate the digital clouds in collaboration with other IT virtuosos, ensuring our concealed haven operates at its zenith, seamlessly aligning with the clandestine rhythm of our organization. If you're adept at orchestrating the unseen symphony of virtual landscapes, join us in shaping a covert oasis in the realm of Private Clouds. You will be using technologies like: Vmware, vROps, ESXi, vSAN, vCenter, vSphere, vRA/vRO and preferably also VCF and VxRail

Job Description

Your Role in the Shadows:

Craft and execute automation marvels tailored to meet the organization's demands. Architect and fortify the VMware sanctuary using the mystical artistry of Infrastructure as Code, employing tools such as Ansible, Python, Terraform, GitLab, and more. Master the enigmatic terrain, resolving intricacies within the Ansible Automation Platform, VMware, Aria Automation (VRA/VRO), and the mystic realms of Tanzu Kubernetes. Collude with fellow IT conjurers to ensure seamless integration of the VMware dominion with other arcane systems and applications. Contribute to the crafting of clandestine automation scripts and tools, weaving spells to streamline the mystical processes.

You will work in the private cloud team together with other Vmware specialist and other cloud specialist. You like to work in a big technical enviroment. 

Job Requirement

  • Demonstrable mastery, with over 5 years of expertise, in the conception, execution, and perpetuation of Infrastructure automation, coupled with a track record of delivering the arcane knowledge of Infrastructure as Code.
  • Proven experience in weaving (hybrid) cloud solutions, preferably on a grand scale, showcasing your adeptness in navigating the celestial clouds.
  • A wealth of knowledge embracing CI/CD principles and concepts, with a proven record of implementing them in the mystical realms.
  • Proficiency in the mystical arts of infrastructure as code, utilizing tools such as Ansible and Terraform to conjure and shape the digital landscape.
  • An innate understanding of cloud best practices in the realms of security, governance, compliance, access management, and the intricate dance of networking.
  • Commanding skills in a high-level programming language, be it Python, Golang, or other languages of equal prowess.
  • Experience in the orchestration of Kubernetes or similar container realms; a mastery of VMware Tanzu would be a spellbinding advantage.

Company Profile

Our customers is a very nice company with a good name. As a Vmware private cloud engineer you will be working in a team of 7 other engineers together to achieve great technical innovations. You Also maintain the current platform and there is a lot of fun working at this company and very good benefits like Bonus and extra. 


  • Salary between Till 105k gross a year depending on your knowledge and experience
  • Almost 30 holidays
  • 1 Year contract than permanent contract
  • A modern pension very good for you as Private cloud engineer.
  • Plenty of training and learning opportunities so that you still be on the edge of the job market about a few years.
  • Travel allowance.
  • Allowances for setting up your home office and for internet use

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