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"Do you effortlessly navigate the digital jungle with PHP/JS as your reliable compass? Are you building your own digital empire with Ansible as the architect and Gitlab CI/CD as your gatekeeper? Unleash your power on Debian 10/11 VMs and let your ideas flourish in the controlled wilderness of Kubernetes Managed Capsule by Scaleway. Is Docker the box full of promises for non-production adventures for you? Which digital horizon will you conquer today?"

Job Description

"At Next, we've successfully completed our AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP), marking a significant milestone in our digital transformation journey. Now, our focus shifts to the next strategic initiative: Mobilize. This phase involves a comprehensive shift from our current Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider, Scaleway, to the robust and scalable Infrastructure as a Service offered by AWS.

The decision to migrate to AWS stems from our commitment to leverage cutting-edge technologies and capitalize on the extensive range of services provided by Amazon Web Services. AWS not only offers a global infrastructure but also provides a rich ecosystem of tools and solutions that align with our business objectives.

As we embark on this migration journey, our goal is not only to transfer our existing workloads seamlessly but also to modernize our applications. We plan to transition from traditional IaaS to a more agile and efficient Platform as a Service (PaaS) model within AWS. This modernization will involve embracing containerization and serverless computing, using technologies such as AWS Lambda.

Containers, with their portability and scalability, will play a crucial role in optimizing our application deployment processes. We will utilize AWS's container services, such as Amazon ECS (Elastic Container Service) and EKS (Elastic Kubernetes Service), to orchestrate and manage our containerized applications effectively.

Simultaneously, we recognize the power of serverless computing in enhancing agility and reducing operational overhead. AWS Lambda, with its event-driven architecture, will be employed to handle specific functions without the need for managing the underlying infrastructure. This approach aligns with our goal to streamline operations and focus more on innovation and feature development.

Throughout this migration and modernization journey, we aim to capitalize on the best practices, automation capabilities, and security measures provided by AWS. The AWS CloudFormation service will be utilized for infrastructure as code, ensuring reproducibility and consistency in our environment setups.

Our commitment to delivering high-quality services to our customers remains unwavering. By migrating to AWS and embracing modern cloud-native practices, we are positioning ourselves to be more agile, resilient, and ready to adapt to the evolving digital landscape. The Mobilize phase is not just a transition but a strategic move towards future-proofing our infrastructure and ensuring our ability to innovate and deliver value in the long run."

Job Requirements

  • Knowlegde of AWS at atleast 3 years
  • Experience with AWS Container servicces
  • Experience with Elastic Kubernetes Service
  • Experience With CI / CD and can build a strategy alonside optimizing the developer experience
  • A well designed CI / CD pipeline infrastructure that enhances the developer experience accross all teams.
  • Experience in automate and build environments and pipelines

Company profile

Our client is a very fast growing ambitious scale-up and expanding rapidly. In Netherlands and some european countries market leader and more than 1 milion users use the systems of our customer. In total more than 100 employees are working together to achieve great things. The roadmap is ambitions and you really can grow as a specialist.

The customers of the company are really on the first place. Technology evolves and our customer want the best people to stay number 1 and to Multiply. 

Terms and Conditions

  • Starting salary Between 5k - 7k for a great Lead Devops engineer
  • Amount of hours: 40 hours
  • Travel allowance: €0,21/km or second class public transport fully reimbursed (NS Businesscard)
  • Vacation days: 25
  • Vacation money: 8%
  • Day off on your birthday
  • Pension plan: 50% employer contribution, 50% employee contribution. see the most recent version in the attachment (to avoid mistranslation we are not allowed to translate the pension regulations)
  • Form of contract: 1 year (1 month notice periode
  • Training budget of €1.500,- per year
  • Laptop is provided by the company
  • Internet allowance up to €25,- net per month
  • At the office lunches are provided by our chef
  • On the days you work from home an allowance of €2,15 net per day
  • The ability to buy up to 10*extra vacation days per year
  • The ability to sell your 5*extra vacation days per year
  • Mental health support through OpenUp
  • Christmas package
  • Free sports subscription to ARJ Trainings

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