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This company works with a talented group of engineers. Are you talanted and do you have the ambition to be the best? Then this migh t fit you! Your role will involve providing assistance to both the R&D and NOC divisions. In addition to conducting routine maintenance and enhancements for existing systems, you will have the opportunity to contribute to new initiatives and forthcoming services. Interesting right? 

Functie omschrijving

This job includes a couple of tasks. The main task will be the supporting of the R&D and the NOC departments. You possess the skills to effortlessly carry out tasks such as package installation, firewall configuration, and configuration adjustments. Your familiarity with Ansible is beneficial as it manages a significant portion of the servers. Competence in this tool is essential for executing, creating, and editing the playbooks. Configuring network switches and swapping CPU/drive/mainbord will be there aswell in your task packet. 

Functie eisen

  • Experiance with Linux
  • You have an own outspoken opinion
  • Experiance with Openstack, Netbox or Proxmox
  • Basic knowledge of networking
  • You are availeble for at least 32 hours a week


This is a company that operates based on independent European principles. Every service this company provides is constructed, sustained, and assisted solely by this company, without the interference of any external (non-European) entities. All segments of the service sequence abide by Dutch and European regulations, without any involvement of non-European authority. As a result, all services are held to the utmost European standards. They not only provide various commercial services, but also preserves its clients' data on locally hosted environments that are exclusively managed by them. No external cloud services or management services are employed for this purpose. Furthermore, all personal information of our users is handled with even greater stringency than what is mandated by the standard GDPR and ISO certification.


  • You have the ability to work from home. Only one day per two weeks they come together at the office
  • You can have as much holidays as you want, if you perform well
  • You get a laptop and other stuff to work well from home
  • Flexibility is a key factor. You decide when you will work. 
  • Fun activities with the team
  • The ability to go to events 

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