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For the following marketing company, we are currently looking for a JavaScript front-ender. In a small team, you will be responsible for the development of a management console and marketing platform. As a medior, you are skilled in your field and understand that sometimes it is important to move quickly. You will actively contribute to the further development of the real-time interface. This delivers receives, delivers, and monitors statistics. This is a crucial part of the job.  Because they place much more value on quality over quantity, you will work to get the code right. You will advise and give tips to customers and colleagues. 


Job Description

Front-end developers at this organization enhance the user experience with their own main products in the field of marketing. The front-end of these products consists mainly of single-page applications written in JavaScript, HTML and LESS. The applications are based on a library developed by company eiegen that uses a functional-components approach for widgets and pages. All this in an OOP structure.

They work with modern JavaScript and pick up new Web APIs quickly. Data is processed based on promises, while user interactions are processed through events.


Job requirements

  • You have a minimum of a college degree in Computer Science or a related field.
  • You have extensive knowledge of JavaScript (ES6+) This includes knowledge of object-oriented programming. 
  • You have experience with CSS 3+ 
  • You have experience with Websockets
  • You have experience in Linux
  • You can work on your own but are not limited to this, if necessary you can work in a team
  • You have a strong command of the English language, as this is the official language in this organization.
  • Besides the above points, it would be nice if you have interest or experience with SMTP and/or C++.

Company Profile

At the organization, they work in multidisciplinary 'DevOps' teams in which specialists from different fields work together to achieve business goals. Today's experienced C++ developers, therefore, do not profile themselves as specialists in a single discipline, but as all-round IT experts who apply the right technology to every challenge. It is therefore valuable to us when developers also look beyond their own horizons. This organization has a beautiful work location. and also offer a hybrid work environment from the office which means You can escape the stereotype, come to the office, meet people in person, and build valuable relationships

Employment conditions

  • Small, friendly, young and highly skilled team;
  • Generous salary and vacation pay;
  • Opportunity to build virtual share in the company;
  • Pleasant and quiet office next to the Station, but working from home is also possible;
  • They provide you with the facilities you need to work effectively. (laptop, phone, desk and chair);
  • Regular social events at home and abroad;

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