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For an interesting organization in North Holland, I am looking for Software Developers with experience and knowledge of PHP. This organization works withSmall teams which means You can work directly with the CTO which wouldn't be possible in a larger organization. Does this make your heart beat faster, read on quickly!

Job Description

With PHP this company is very familiar, only due to the recent tech changes PHP is mainly used for the backend. 

Their expectations of a Software Developer are that you can work structurally, have knowledge of OOP, and can apply SOLID principles well. The code you will work on is clear, logically structured, and extensively documented where necessary.  PHP technology is only part of their full stack and for that reason, we build clear APIs to link systems. Also, for this reason, you will collaborate more often with C++ developers to solve this. For this, the company has developed its own open-source library.

Job requirements

  • Experience and knowledge of PHP;
  • Able to release your current learned frameworks and grow in the company their own created frameworks;
  • Use PHP as an intermediate layer between the frontend and backend;
  • Not afraid to develop new software;
  • Able to get your knowledge of our systems from anywhere;
  • Able to leave your code with structure and readability. 
  • English and Dutch speakers are welcome (English is the working language in the company)

Company Profile

Do you want to grow and learn along with others, do you have a mentality of trial and error? Then you will fit in well with this organization. They work in multidisciplinary 'DevOps' teams where different interests, insights, and specialties are brought together and where specialists work together to jointly realize the company's goals. PHP will for now still occupy a central position in their technology stack, it is common for PHP developers to collaborate with other specialists and thus pool skills and knowledge. This organization has a beautiful work location. and also offer a hybrid work environment from the office which means You can escape the stereotype, come to the office, meet people in person, and build valuable relationships

Employment conditions

  • Princely salary
  • Opportunities to grow financially with the company in the future. 
  • Reimbursement of travel,, phone and internet expenses;
  • Training budget and pension plan.
  • A sm,all, young and highly skilled Team, 
  • Regular events in the Netherlands and abroad

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