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Are you at a crossroads in your life and ready for a new PHP Laravel challenge with millions of customers and exciting opportunities?  Do you want to take steps forward technically and personally in an 80-person scale-up? If you have an affinity for fintech, apply now!

Job Description

In the dynamic realm where technology intertwines with financial innovation, a thrilling opportunity awaits for those seeking a transformative career shift. Picture yourself standing at the crossroads of life, pondering the next chapter of your professional journey. This is no ordinary juncture; it's an invitation to become a pivotal force in a vibrant scale-up, an 80-person strong team that is shaping the future of fintech.

As you embark on this journey, envision yourself in a role that is not just a job but a compelling adventure. Your responsibilities are not mere tasks; they are the building blocks of an evolving narrative, a story that unfolds with each line of code and every technical specification crafted.

The canvas upon which you will paint your career comprises a mix of maintenance, enhancements, and new developments. This is not a routine, but a symphony of innovation, where each note resonates with purpose. The code you write is not just a series of commands; it's a melody that harmonizes with the needs of a dynamic business environment.

Documentation is your quill, and with it, you craft a narrative that not only outlines features but also details technical specifications and infrastructure. Your documentation is not a mere record-keeping exercise; it's the map that guides fellow explorers through the intricate terrain of the digital landscape you help shape. You will work with Domain driven designs en Event driven architectuur and also with Kubernetes.


Job requirements

  • You need a minimum of 3 Years experience in webapplications
  • You need experience with PHP and Laravel
  • Experience with Vue.js
  • You have the ability to learn from other php developers and will pass your knowledge to your colleagues
  • You have analytical skills and are able to come up with solutions yourself
  • Experience with Kubernetes is a pre

Company profile

Our client is a very nice fintech player that is technology and market driven. With millions of customers and an open work attitude and short connections to the founders. A scale-up with huge potential and one of the leaders in Netherlands in Fintech within 5 years for sure. 

Terms and Conditions

  • Salary between 3800 - 6000 euro gross a month
  • 8 % holiday allowance
  • Laptop
  • 25 holidays
  • One day work from home
  • Free lunch
  • Very nice trips
  • Study budget
  • Scaling up company where you can learn a lot
  • Very nice office

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