Embedded Software Engineer

"Always code as if the guy who ends up maintaining, or testing your code will be a violent psychopath who knows where you live." - John Woods

The following company is now working hard on changing the way inspections are performed for large aircrafts. For this company you will develop data- driven technology, focused on automation of the complete inspection process. Think about things from autonomous drone flight, to damage detection and assessment of visual data, all the way up to automated reporting. their automated drone inspections for aircraft allows for a sped up and effective inspection on any location, enabling the customers to keep their aircraft off the ground.

Right now they're looking for a Software engineer who is passionate about coding and who will be able to work on design, implementation and deployment of their own computer vision stack. 
You'll be responsible for investigating and solving many difficult challenges in feature recognition, classification and deep learning. Furthermore you'll need to research and develop scalable machine vision and machine learning solutions as this will also be part of the package.. 

The software engineering teams are primarily focused on development of autonomous navigation using drones and image recognition while making use of deep learning. Working here means working within a profession, dynamic yet home-like environment.  The team is responsible for delivering a high-quality product and having a drink together on Fridays.


  • Experience with deep learning, e.g. TensorFlow.

  • Software development experience with C++ and Python. 

  • Top-notch programming skills and software engineering. 

  • A deep desire to  keep learning.

  • You need to be a resident of the EU, or have a Dutch working permit. 

Big pluses are the following:

  1. Close familiarity with the latest research on detection, segmentation, classification, and neural networks.

  2. Strong publication record with the top-tier computer vision and machine learning conferences & journals.

  3. Experience in a start-up or scale-up.

  • locatie: Den Haag
  • salarisindicatie: 4000+ / maand
  • aantal uren: 40
  • dienstverband: Vast dienstverband
  • overig: 30+ Holidays
    High-growth, successful start-up
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