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Are you interested in working at a dynamic software company where you can play a key role as a Senior Java Developer/Architect? Join our team. You'll have the chance to work in a small, agile environment, with plenty of freedom to develop and enhance our BI platform. Here, you can truly make an impact and help drive the growth of our company.

Function description

You will join a development team comprising six colleagues: three developers, two QA specialists, and one analyst. Much of your communication will be remote, as part of the team is based in France and Romania. Your primary tasks and responsibilities within this team will include Java development, design and architecture, bug fixing, coaching other developers and QA specialists, and contributing to product development.

Job requirements

We are looking for a Senior Java Developer/Architect with a hands-on mentality and the ability to design solutions with a high level of abstraction, ensuring they are applicable to a broad customer base. 

  • Over 5 years of relevant experience
  • Strong proactive communication skills in English
  • Leadership and coaching capabilities for team members
  • Proven experience with large and complex systems
  • Conceptual thinking abilities
  • Willingness to travel to France and Romania
  • Bonus skills: Experience with Kotlin, PostgreSQL, XBRL, and Linux

Used Techniques:

  • Java (Kotlin, Maven)
  • SQL databases
  • Azure/Coud/Fabric
  • JDBC, Hibernate ORM
  • HTML/CSS/Javascript
  • Webservices/REST/CXF

Company profile

We provide a comprehensive SaaS solution that addresses all business processes for our clients. Additionally, we have developed a unique Business Intelligence platform tailored specifically for the industry's needs. This next-generation BI platform transforms data into valuable information using sector context, information standards, and metadata. Our technical capabilities include generating data warehouses driven by sector models and business context definitions. We prioritize the use of sector information standards and have created an advanced platform capable of accessing multiple data sources, processing the data, and exporting results in various formats. Our platform orchestrates all Azure resources internally and supports taxonomies for mandatory government reporting, such as dVi and Annual reports, by pre-filling XBRL files with data from the data warehouse.

Innovation drives our success. With a team of over 300 passionate employees, we continually innovate to enable our customers to do the same. Our smart, reliable, and user-friendly software connects clients with their current and potential tenants, streamlining processes to enhance job satisfaction and convenience. For two decades, we have been serving housing corporations and commercial real estate organizations. Over 150 organizations and 5,200 employees experience the advantages of our software daily.


  • Competitive salary range of €5500 – €7000 gross for a 40-hour workweek, depending on skills and experience
  • Opportunity to work with complex techniques and face challenging projects
  • Personal development through our Academy
  • A pleasant atmosphere within a dynamic organization
  • Hybrid working options available
  • 26 vacation days per year based on a 40-hour workweek
  • Pension plan

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